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Quality is the foundation for survival and development of TPRP

Sep 03,2019

We are specialized in the production of refrigerator capacitors and other quality first

Aug 27,2019

BCD25 car refrigerator introduction

Aug 19,2019

We are a professional manufacturer of capacitors

Aug 14,2019

Xiamen Trump Refrigeration parts Co., Ltd. is specializing in the production of capacitors.

Jul 30,2019

Car refrigerator with trolley

Jul 09,2019

This is a compressor refrigerator, which has high refrigeration efficiency, can make ice, keep fresh, and is cooled by compressor, with low noise and less pollution. Simply plug the power plug into the spotlight hole while driving to cool the refrigerator.

Jul 01,2019

This portable refrigerator and freezer is perfect for road trips and camping helping your food stay fresh no matter where you go.

Jun 28,2019

The 2019 west Africa (Nigeria) international refrigeration exhibition (HVACEXPO) will be held in Lagos LANDMARK CENTRE, Nigeria from July 11 to 13, 2019. Xiamen chibo refrigeration accessories co., ltd. will be invited to participate in the exhibition

Jun 17,2019

Unplug the power supply. First, unplug the power of the refrigerator and take out the things in the refrigerator. This is conducive to the rapid de-icing of refrigerators.

May 18,2019