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How to use the new car refrigerator and the purpose of the refrigerator

2019-07-01 10:46:58

How to use the new car refrigerator and the function of the refrigerator


Capacity: 25&32&42&52L
Classification of Climate: T.ST.N.SN
Production Dimension: 635*375*316/376/436/497mm
AC voltage: AC100-12-/220-240V/50-60Hz
Battery voltage: DC12V/24V.
Rate power: 40/45w
Certification: CE, SAA, CCC


The newly designed model has four capacities to choose from. At an outdoor temperature of 38 degrees, the minimum temperature of the refrigerator can reach minus 18 degrees.

This is a compressor refrigerator, which has high refrigeration efficiency, can make ice, keep fresh, and is cooled by compressor, with low noise and less pollution. Simply plug the power plug into the spotlight hole while driving to cool the refrigerator.

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