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Introduce the benefits of this portable refrigerator and freezer

2019-06-28 10:26:36

This portable refrigerator and freezer is perfect for road trips and camping helping your food stay fresh no matter where you go.

2-in-1 fridge and freezer combination,Impressive BCD60L capacity with overload protection:

1.Easy to operate control panel with adjustable temperature control

2.Durable anti-fingerprint stainless steel shell

3.DC and AC powered

4.More convenient than an esky that constantly needs to be refilled with ice





The BCD 60L Portable Fridge and Freezer is a must-have for every journey.
With its stainless steel shell design and simple to operate LED control panel,
the convenient nature of this 2-in-1 fridge and freezer is just what you need to store all of your food and beverages at the right temperature
or for keeping your haul fresh after a fishing trip!

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